All of our technology is developed from scratch. So like a good homemade cake, we know exactly what’s inside. You don’t get any surprises. And it tastes great!

This technology means we can develop our own Display and Video SSP for desktop and mobile. We have a solid technological infrastructure that serves all our platforms across Video, Display and Mobile.

We buy and sell media on a programmatic basis and our ad serving technology and yield optimization delivers outstanding results for web and mobile clients. We’re validated by DoubleVerify, are IAB compliant and certified by Google.


Proprietary technology all developed in-house


Cross-platform and cross-channel – mobile, web and display


Maximizes yield optimization


Sekindo VideoStar is the leading technological solution for video. Sekindo VideoStar sources digital video advertising that delivers the highest monetization – with the highest fill rates and ECPM.

Sekindo Source also comprises the following:

1. Video Ad Server –

  • VAST & VPAID compliant
  • A strong report system supporting all the video metrics according to IAB standards
  • Fastest reporting
  • The lowest latency
  • Advanced targeting abilities

2. VPAID Ad Manager –

  • The fastest ad manager we’ve ever created
  • Exclusive technology for maximizing monetization of every video impression
  • Supports desktop and mobile
  • VAST & VPAID compliant
  • Integrated with DoubleVerify


Sekindo Source is our Display SSP based on our proprietary display ad server .

It has lots of great features – here are just a few:

  • Connected to all major DSP’s and exchanges
  • Advanced audience targeting across the board
  • Unique and customized ad tools
  • Strong PREDICT algorithm, resulting in excellent monetization
  • Certified by Google, IAB compliant & integrated with DoubleVerify


Our mobile SSP, as well as our fully featured mobile programmatic trading desk, is based on our mobile ad server.

It has lots of tasty features:

  • Fully featured SDK for both iOS and Android
  • Full video support at SDK level – including full VAST/VPAID compliance & native video player
  • Unique cross application support
  • Application tracking and support
  • IAB compliant & Integrated with DoubleVerify

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