The right audience at the right time – on any screen.
We are part of Universal McCann, so we understand what it takes to deliver industry-leading advertising performance. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, we can help determine the most powerful digital strategy and then execute it brilliantly. Our technology can adjust to any digital advertiser’s needs, on any format and on any platform – display, video or mobile.

And we are just as concerned about your image as you are. We constantly screen thousands of direct publishers and we scan our platforms and independently verify all our media sources to ensure your brand only appears where you would want. Because we are part of Universal McCann, our trading desk is experienced in working with big brands globally as well as local brands. And we can build a complete strategy from inception to implementation.


Great viewability for your brand
– any format and any platform


Large exposure in any country
– 100% brand safety


Advanced optimization
to meet your ROI goals


Sekindo delivers billions of video impressions every month in over 30 countries.

Our video advertising takes place across all platforms – desktop and mobile and on any video player, small, medium and large.

With programmatic-based media buying and by managing leading site network directly, we ensure in real time that your brand’s viewability is optimized to reach the highest VTR.

And of course our technology adheres to the strictest transparency rules and brand image guidelines, and is updated on a regular basis to provide the highest quality media and the best quality of advertising. Lovely.


We’ve developed superior technologies to build an outstanding digital platform for our display advertisers. We also make sure you get the best service from start to end, from setting goals to delivery and management in real time. This works for all our clients, big and small.

We develop a 360° media plan with accurate KPI’s for each and every client:

  • We use a range of tools to plan the ideal campaign e.g. CAT, WAVE and other Universal McCann planning tools in order to build the perfect strategy
  • We execute it with the help of more than 70 media experts in all digital channels: Display, Video, Mobile, Search, Facebook etc.
  • We employ advanced retargeting
  • We use programmatic audience buying on the leading exchanges in the world, interfacing with the leading DMP’s
  • We use sophisticated media targeting, leveraging our purchasing power as a part of Universal McCann
  • We create multiple platform combinations e.g. mobile video


Mobile is changing so fast, but we are still ahead of the game.

Our mobile platform is as technically advanced as it gets – we are connected to global mobile advertising exchanges and we have developed SDK and Cross Platform Identification ability.

Our mobile tools are very diverse – banners, interstitials, mobile video and more.

And of course our mobile clients expect and get the same Sekindo great service, from setting goals to delivery and management in real time.

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